So its been a while since I’ve blogged.  What happened was that I made this amazing dinner – with appa (hoppers), three different kinds of curries, a salad, all from Sri Lanka and I forgot TO TAKE PICTURES.  You don’t understand the amount of time, the technique, involved.  So I got dejected, and couldn’t even think about blogging.

Plus, then there’s the fact that I’m a lawyer, and I work full-time, and was in the process of changing jobs, and that life got in the way.

But now, I’m sick with a terrible cold.  Let me tell you  – I fought it, I thought I’d escape, as I’ve done a couple of time this winter, from actually getting sick.  But alas, alas, I succumbed to a nasty head cold with wracking coughs.  I’m quite toxic.

But this is a food blog, you say.  You are not interested in the fact that I go through about a box of tissues a day.  But I say unto you, this is the time to unveil a old Sri Lankan cold remedy.  Well, I don’t know how many other Sri Lankan mothers have made this for their children, but my mother made it for me, and now I make it for me and my husband whenever we have a cough and/or cold.  I studied some Ayurveda, and I actually think that the properties in this remedy is also good when you have stomach problems.

It is just three ingredients.  Coriander seeds, fresh ginger, and honey.  Coriander is typically cooling, but when combined with ginger, and the heat that it brings, it provides a balanced heat that soothes your tight chest, sore throat and head cold.  Honey also balances out the heat and cooling properties, as well as is antibacterial and provides sweetness.  I don’t claim to be a vaidya (an Ayurvedic healer) by any means, but I know I find this drink to be delicious, comforting, and helpful in soothing you when you feel like crap because you have a cold.

ginger and coriander

ginger and coriander


3 inches of ginger, sliced
½ cup of coriander seeds
honey to taste

Place ginger and coriander in a pot, and add about 6 cups of water.  Boil it down until it becomes approximately 3 cups.

Strain into a cup, sweeten to taste with honey and drink.

coriander ginger tea

coriander ginger tea

To your health!